Tournament Edit Page

The Tournament Edit Page is for adjusting various settings for your tournament. Here are the key sections on this page. There are eight unique dropdowns on the Tournament Edit Page. 

General Details

  1. Tournament Name: Displayed publicly as the tournament’s name.
  2. Tournament Type: Specifies the game platform or format.
    • For example, if MTG Arena is selected, that means this tournament will be on Magic: The Gathering Arena and Melee will display players’ direct challenge IDs for their opponent’s when they play.
    • For games such as Disney Lorcana, there are currently only two options to choose from.
    • Tabletop is the term Melee uses for in person tournaments. 
    • Registration Only refers to a tournament setting where Melee is not used for the purposes of tournament operations. This setting would be best used when you don’t want to pair matches within Melee or you are creating a Melee tournament for the purposes of collecting “entry fees” for a badge for your convention. 
  3. Search Tags: You can add search tags to your tournaments to help players find them more easily.
    • Keep in mind that many search tags will automatically get added to your tournament once you finalize the tournament such as what format the tournament is.


  1. Time Zone: Defaults to your computer’s time zone; adjustable for different zones.
  2. Tournament Start Date: Scheduled start time for the tournament.
  3. Registration Start Date: Scheduled start date for player registration.
  4. Registration End Date: Date when player registration closes.
  5. Unenrollment End Date: Players cannot unenroll after this date.
    • This deadline prevents players from automatically triggering a payment refund.
    • This setting is important for when you are taking entry fees through Melee.
  6. Decklist Submission Deadline: Required deadline for decklist submissions.

Player Registration

  1. Registration Type
    • Invite Only: Players need an invitation to register and are not able to register themselves. 
    • Open Registration: Players are able to register themselves on the tournament’s public page.
  2. Entry Type
    • Code Only: Players must enter the code you gave a tournament to be able to register.
    • Entry Fee: Players must pay an entry fee to register for the tournament.
    • Free: There is no restriction or payment required for players to register.

If you are interested in learning more about these options and how they synergize with other features on Melee, please check out these tutorials on optimizing your player registration process. 

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