Setting Up Team Tournaments

While Melee doesn’t technically support team tournaments like 2HG or Team Trios, organizers can work around limitations. Here’s a step-by-step guide. Team support is on the development roadmap for future updates in Melee.

  1. Single Registration
    • Have one player register the entire team.
    • Ensure the entry fee covers all team members.
  2. Use Metadata
    • Collect teammate information (full name, email) using Metadata.
  3. Magic Team Constructed
    • Each tournament phase represents one of three formats for decklists.
    • If fewer phases are needed, add a “fake phase” after the final real one.
    • Delete the fake phase after the tournament concludes.
  4. Limitations
    • This setup doesn’t allow for single-format team tournaments.
    • Only the captain receives pairings and submits results.