Two-Game Matches

A new matching method called “Two-Game Matches” is now available to be utilized on the Melee platform. This option is found during Phase creation on a tournament under the “Matching Method” dropdown. When utilized, a match will consist of exactly two games.

Player/TeamsWinsPlayer/TeamsWinsDisplayed ResultPlayer A PointsPlayer B Points
Player A2Player B0[Player A] won 2-0-070
Player A1Player B11-1-0 Draw33
Player A1Player B0[Player A] won 1-0-130
Player A0Player B00-0-1 Draw00
Intentional Draw0-0-2 Draw00
This table represents the number of points each player will receive based on the match result.

The total number of games won by a player/team. 

If Player A won both games, the end result for Tiebreaker #1 would be:

  • Player A: 2
  • Player B: 0

The total number of match points earned by the player/team’s opponent’s divided by the total number of opponents divided by the total number of possible earned points by the player/team’s opponent’s. 

After five (5) rounds of play, Player A’s opponents status in the tournament are as followed:

  • Opponent #1 (Active): 23 Match Points
  • Opponent #2 (Dropped after Round 3): 3 Points
  • Opponent #3 (Active): 13 Points
  • Opponent #4 (Active): 20 Points
  • Opponent #5 (Active): 27 Points

Opponent’s 1, 3, 4, and 5 have participated in all five rounds while Opponent #2 dropped after round 3. This would result in the equation being as followed: 

(23 + 3 + 13 + 20 + 27) / 5 / (35 + 21 + 35 + 35 + 35) = 0.1068 or 10.68%

The total number of the second game’s won in each match. 

If Player A won game #1 and Player B won game #2, the end result for Tiebreaker #3 would be:

  • Player A: 0
  • Player B: 1

Organizers and Judges have the ability to view which games were won by which players by navigating to the green tool cog associated with each match which is found on the Matches tab. Here there is an option to “View match details”. On this page can be found many details surrounding the match, and at the bottom of the page displays which player won each specific game.

Players who are awarded Byes will receive:

  • Points: 7
  • Tiebreaker #1: 2 Games Won
  • Tiebreaker #2: No Impact
  • Tiebreaker #3: 1 Game #2 Won