Using Preregistration

Preregistrations are an option to use for tournaments set as Invite Only. Similar to Code Only, this is a way for the correct players to be able to register for tournaments that have an invite list. You will import a list of data in the Preregistrations tab of the Tournament Controller. That data will effectively act as a “key” to register for the tournament. Any account that has matching account information to the data type you used will be able to register for the tournament while others who do not won’t have access. 

When to Utilize Preregistrations

For large-scale tournaments where you’re taking entry fees outside of Melee, Preregistrations are a great way to transition your players from your registration platform into Melee. Just be sure you’ve read our Entry Fee and Payment Policies before going down this route. 

Important Steps

  1. Ask players for their Melee account email during checkout on your platform.
  2. Import this information into Melee for seamless registration.

Mismatched Emails

If your players do have different email addresses than the ones you imported, they can edit their account to use that email address to get through the registration process.