Player Controller

The Player Controller is the primary tool for players interacting with their Melee tournament. The Player Controller is linked to the Portal on their respective pages. If players can access the Player Controller, it indicates a successful tournament registration. Players should ensure decklist submission and wait for pairings. Here’s an overview of the Player Controller’s key sections

New players may prefer using the Player Portal for a streamlined view.

1. MeleeRT Connection:

  • Indicator showing the strength of the connection to Melee servers.

2. Time until tournament starts:

  • Countdown to the scheduled start time of the tournament.

3. Tournament & Player Details:

  • Information on the tournament, including start date, status, current phase, etc.
  • Player-specific details such as current status, decklist submission status, and a drop button.

4. Decklist Submission:

  • Players can submit their decklist by uploading, pasting, or manually adding cards.
  • The Submit Decklist button finalizes the submission.

5. Current Match:

  • Displays the current match information, including your tournament points and opponent’s name.
  • If decklists are visible, the opponent’s decklist is also shown.

Other Sections:

  • Labeled with self-explanatory titles, providing information from the tournament organizer.