Editing Pairings

When match results need to be corrected or edited in a tournament, it’s essential to navigate to the correct round and use the Edit Pairings table which is found in the “Matches Actions” dropdown on the Matches tab.

1. Navigate to the Correct Round:

  • Ensure that you are in the correct round of the tournament where the match needs to be edited.
  • If new matches are created for completed rounds, make sure to enter results for those matches as well.

2. Access the Edit Pairings Dialog:

  • From the Matches tab, go to Match Actions > Edit match-ups.
  • Use the filter boxes to find the match or matches that need to be edited.

3. Unmatch Players:

  • For each match table, click on the red X found by each player’s name you wish to adjust match tables for.
  • Unmatched players will appear in a list on the right-hand side of the dialog. Here you can perform other actions for them such as assigning them a bye, a loss, or dropping them.

4. Matching Unmatched Players

  • To move a player from Unmatched to a Match Table, double click on their name.
  • If a table is not selected, Melee will automatically assign them to the lowest numbered table that does not have the accurate number of players/teams.

5. Save Changes:

  • Once all match tables have been changed, click “Save.”
  • Check the confirmation pop-up to ensure it matches the changes you’ve made.