Player Card

The Player Card is a comprehensive tool for managing and tracking player-related actions and information.

Accessing the Player Card

  • Click on an orange hyperlinked player name in the Players tab to open the Player Card.

Information Available

  • Decklist submission status
  • Check-in date/time
  • Registration date/time
  • Last round activity
  • Drop reason

Actions Possible

  • Change Player Status
  • Check-in the player
  • Send emails through Melee
  • Enter penalties

Additional Tabs Include:

  • Support Tickets: Displays player-submitted support tickets.
  • Pods: Lists player pod seatings for phases with pods.
  • Seatings: Shows player seatings for generated seatings.
  • Pairings: Lists pairings per round for the player.
  • Standings: Displays the player’s final standings for each phase.
  • Penalties: Shows penalties assigned to the player by tournament staff, useful for tracking repeated offenses.
  • Payments: Records payments made by the player for the tournament.
  • Files: Displays files uploaded by players via their player controller.
  • Metadata: Shares information between tournament administrators.