Using Registration Codes

For a seamless player registration experience, use the Code functionality. Using codes empowers your players to sign up for your tournaments as soon as they walk through the door and without needing to ask your employees for anything. Here’s how it works.

Tournament Setup

  1. Set Registration Type to Invite Only and Entry Type to Code Only during tournament creation.
  2. Decide on a unique code; only players with this code can register.

Now only players who have the code are able to register. You’ll provide the code to them on the day of the tournament. 

Informing Players

The next step is to design and display an information page on your tournament information stand or bulletin board. We suggest you add the following information to that page:

  • Tournament name
  • Start time
  • QR code: You can find these ready for you to download on the Tournament Controller
  • The unique code in step 2 of the tournament setup
  • Include instructions on registration and payment.

Now players will be able to go to the information stand or board and register for the tournament. Next, they can go to the front counter to pay.

Enabling Payment Record

  1. Manage payment records using the hidden ‘Acknowledged’ column on the Players tab of the Tournament Controller.
  2. Enable the column through the Columns button and check the checkboxes when players pay.
  3. For those who have not paid, you can call up those players to ensure payment, or;
  4. Use the Player Card to unenroll players who registered but haven’t paid.