Editing Submitted Decklists

During a tournament, officials may need to edit or update a player’s decklist due to a player request, or reasons like an illegal deck. Ensure with tournament officials that there are no associated penalties with the requested changes.

  1. Navigate to the Player Card:
    • Go to the Player Card from the Players tab.
    • Find the Decklists drop-down menu.
  2. Access Decklist Options:
    • Click the green cog/settings icon for the following options
  1. Import/Edit Decklist:
    • Opens a text field with the player’s submitted decklist.
    • Make changes for cards in the main deck or sideboard.
    • Correct the archetype if needed.
    • Click the blue Import button to apply changes.
  2. Submit and Validate Decklist:
    • Some decklists may be uploaded but not fully submitted or validated.
    • Confirm submission by using this option.
    • Format validation occurs within the text field. Correct any errors (illegal cards, decklist size issues) before submission.
  3. Edit Decklist Archetype/Name:
    • Correct the archetype or type of deck if inaccurately noted.
    • Melee has a database of possible archetypes.
  4. Clear Decklist’s Cards / Delete Decklist:
    • Exercise caution; these options remove cards or the entire decklist.
    • Useful when a player submits a paper decklist to supersede the online version.