Open Decklists

In tournaments with open decklists, players have access to their opponent’s decklist at specific points during the tournament. Here’s how open decklists work in Melee:

1. Decklist Deadlines:

  • Open decklist tournaments typically have decklist deadlines well before the start date.
  • Players must ensure correct submission of their decklists before the advertised date to avoid penalties.

2. Accessing Opponent’s Decklist:

  • In Melee, the opponent’s decklist is shown to a player from the Player Controller.
  • Access the Player Controller from the blue context menu in the bottom-left corner.
  • The expanded box will display the opponent’s decklist by default.
  • The player’s decklist is accessible from the Player section at the top of the expanded box.

By providing players with access to their opponent’s decklists, open decklist tournaments add a strategic layer to the competition. Players can review and adapt their strategies based on the information available to them. It’s crucial for participants to adhere to decklist submission deadlines to maintain the integrity of the tournament.

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