Beginners Guide to Tournament Creation

The tournament creation process is broken into three segments.

  • Game and Location Selection
  • Selecting Tournament Settings
  • Selecting Tournament Structure

Game and Location Selection

The first page asks you to select a location and game. These selections can not be edited once a tournament is created as they impact future features, game-related options, as well as unique pairing and standing algorithms.

Selecting Tournament Settings: Tournament Edit Page

The Tournament Edit page is expansive, offering many unique options, though only a handful of settings must be selected before moving onto the next segment.

  • Name: The name of the tournament that will be displayed to your players.
  • Tournament Type: If the tournament is played digitally, on a tabletop, or “Registration Only” and no matches will be paired in Melee.
  • Tournament Start Date: What time the tournament starts and when registration closes for players.
  • Player Registration: If the tournament is open to all, has an entry fee, or is invite only.

Everything else on the tournament edit page is optional.

Once you are finished you can click “Create Tournament” which will give you access to the Tournament Controller and the last section of tournament creation. Here you will see a list of tabs on the left side which act as unique pages for control over your tournament.

Selecting Tournament Structure: Phases

You must create at least one Phase as they are how you tell Melee how you want your tournament to operate. ALL phases are editable after the fact, allowing you to change the number of rounds once you have a final player count.

Last Step: Publish

Once you have at least one Phase you can go to the upper right-hand corner and publish the tournament to start registration.

Next Steps: