Enabling Entry Fees, Refunds, and Reimbursements

Enabling Entry Fees

You will first need to go to your Organization Dashboard and under “Edit Organization” link a PayPal account. This will enable the ability to set an entry fee when creating a tournament.

Tournament Settings

Under the “Player Registration” section of the Tournament Edit page you will now be able to set an entry fee. You will want to make sure the Registration Type is set to “Open Registration” which allows players to register for the tournament once it is published.

Unenrollment and Refunds

Prior to the start of a tournament, players are able to unenroll. This action automatically triggers a refund. Any fees associated with refunds through third-party processors will be taken out of your final entry fee reimbursement.

Entry Fee Reimbursements

The entry fees collected for your tournament will be held until after the tournament is completed. To read more on Melee’s Entry Fee and Payment policies, please click here.