Managing Your Account Settings

You can find your profile settings by clicking on the “Manage Your Account Settings” button under your profile dropdown. Here you can edit your name, email address, username, game-specific information, preferred language, and make important decisions such as if you want to display your username or full name on public pages such as tournament pages and player controllers.

Recommended Actions #

The Recommended Actions section shows you any required or suggested actions you can take to make your experience using Melee more enjoyable. 

Associations #

Also found on the profile settings page is “Your Associations”. These tabs are collections of data specific to you, helping organize your history and upcoming tournaments. 

Your Tournaments: This table defaults to showing you a list of all the tournaments you are registered to play in or staffed to judge that are either upcoming or currently in progress. If you wish to look at your past tournaments, you can click on the “Tournament Statuses” dropdown and check “Ended”. 

Your Organizations: This section is for anyone who judges for or manages multiple Organizations. This is where you can set your “Default Organization” which Melee will default to when creating tournaments or Tournament Hubs.

Your Decklists: Here you are able to view your history of decklists used in previous tournaments as well as the ability to create new decklists by using the “Create a decklist” button. 

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