You have the ability to staff other user accounts, giving them the ability to assist you in tournament operations from their own accounts. You will find the ability to grant these permissions on every one of your tournament’s Tournament Controllers under the Staff tab. 

Additionally, you can staff user accounts directly to your Organization, allowing them access to their permissions for all of your tournaments as well as the Organization’s Dashboard if granted the Staff Admin role, which is covered below. 

When staffing accounts to your Organization, you will be able to select from specific roles to grant to them. Each role grants staff members unique permissions based on the role they receive. Currently, on Melee, you have the ability to choose the following roles:

  • Coverage: For management of decklists, content, and live coverage.
  • Judge: Necessary for most tasks related to floor judging, such as dropping players and submitting penalties.
  • Scorekeeper: Necessary for critical tournament operations such as starting tournaments and pairing rounds. 
  • Staff Admin: Required role for any administrative-level staff required for staffing other users, editing tournament information, or even creating additional tournaments when staffed at the Organization level.

For a full breakdown of all permissions, you can go to your Organization Dashboard under the Staff Permissions tab.  

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