Do I have to take entry fees on Melee?

Melee charges additional fees often referred to as “Melee Fees” or “Platform Fees” which we use to maintain a high level of service, support, and continued development. These fees, along with third-party processing fees, are added to the cost of entry fees that players pay when registering for tournaments with entry fees. 

Organizers are able to manually enroll players into tournaments, often used when players are paying their registration fees directly to the Organizer on the day of tournaments. In these cases, the Platform fee will be deducted from the total entry fee reimbursement payout sent to the Organizer.

It is against Melee’s Terms of Service to not include Melee as one of the methods for collecting entry fees if entry fees are being collected by the Organizer. If an Organization is knowingly bypassing Melee’s entry fee policies they will be subject to having their account suspended. 


Tournaments directly sponsored by the game’s publisher have flexibility in using or not using Melee’s entry fee system.

In partnership with Ravensburger, Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Locations that are given the green light for organized play have the choice not to use Melee’s entry fee system for their Lorcana tournaments. However, if these Locations decide to go with Melee for collecting entry fees, players participating in their tournaments will have the usual application fees applied when they pay entry fees via Melee.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be established with alternative options.

Contact Melee for SLA inquiries.