Decklist Submission

Submitting decklists on Melee is an essential part of participating in many tournaments. Here’s how players can submit their decklists using the Player Controller:

1. Uploading Files

  • Players can upload decklist files (.txt, .dec, .dek) directly through the Player Controller.

2. Copy and Paste

  • Full decklists (including sideboards) can be copied and pasted from websites or clipboards.
  • Melee can parse most common formats for decklist exports.

3. Adding Cards Individually

  • Players have the option to add cards individually using the decklist submission tool.

Your Decklists Page

  • Players can create and store decklists using the Your Decklists page on Melee.
  • The page displays a list of previous decklists for reference.

Create Decklist

  • Pressing Create Decklist provides a detailed view of the decklist, options for a visual display, and a validation tool showing cards in the main deck and sideboard.

Decklist Tools

  • Players can use various tools to adjust their decklist, such as adding sideboards, adjusting quantities, and more.

Assigning to a Tournament

  • After creating a decklist, players can assign it to a tournament through Your Decklists > Green cog icon > Use for Future Tournament > select the desired tournament from the drop-down menu.

Final Submission

  • Once a decklist is assigned to a future tournament, the Player Controller will open with the assigned decklist.
  • Players can finalize the submission by pressing Submit Decklist.