Known Issues

  1. Printing final standings
    • These must be generated for the final Swiss round, not for the Quarterfinals which may already be generated. Generating standings for the Quarterfinals will be out of order.
    • Fixed by standings sprint?
  2. Printing/publishing standings
    • Generate pairings > start printing stuff that needs to be printed > make sure that tournament stream shows Standings Updated > then publish.
  3. Late-enrolling a player
    • You must ensure their status is set to Active after you enroll them. After that, you can use Edit Matches to pair them, or give them a bye/loss.
  4. Publishing elimination bracket pairings
    • You may not be informed of every match result in real time for a single-elimination bracket (like a top 8). When you pair matches, make sure to also publish them, so that the tournament data pages also update with the single elimination portion of the tournament.
  5. Manually updating a player’s decklist/archetype
    • From the player card (any location) > Decklists > green cog icon > Import/Edit decklist.
    • Add/remove card as necessary, import decklist, then sometimes it’s necessary to submit and validate decklist from the same menu.
    • Sometimes decklist must be deleted first before re-importing/submitting.
    • Wrong archetype names can also be fixed from this menu.
  6. Draft Pods Printing
    • Ensure both build and draft seats are generated, otherwise printouts will error.