Running Your First Tournament

Prior to this step, you should have already:

Starting the Tournament

You can either start a tournament by changing its status to “In Progress” or by going to the Matches tab and matching players/teams for the first round of play which automatically changes the tournament’s status.

Matching (Pairing) Round 1

Next you go to the Matches tab then to the “Matches Actions” dropdown and select “Match players/teams”. This will pair the round which will display for players within their Player Controller and Player Portal. These are two unique tools your players have as options to use for tournaments.

  • Player Controller: For more competitive players with access to more tournament information.
  • Player Portal: For more casual players, providing them with only what they need to receive pairings, submit results, and drop.

Mid-Round Actions

Late Enrollment

Editing Pairings

Editing/Submitting Results

Round Turnover // Going To The Next Round

Once all the results are submitted the standings will automatically be updated. If you are ready for the next round you can go back to the Matches tab, click on the next round’s button then Match players/teams again.

Editing a Tournament’s Settings While In Progress

All settings for your tournaments are adjustable while the tournament is In Progress. For example, if you realize in Round 4 that you need to add an additional round to the Phase, you can return to the Phases tab and edit the current Phase to add an additional round.

Ending a Tournament

Tournaments will automatically end once the final results are submitted. If your tournament was set up with too many rounds, you can go back to the Phases tab and edit the phase to have the correct number of rounds.