Swapping a Melee Account Mid-Tournament

For tournament organizers dealing with account mismatches, especially in large events, Melee allows for mid-tournament account swaps. Follow these steps. It’s essential to manage this process carefully, especially considering the tournament’s progress and potential complications arising from mid-tournament swaps.

  1. Secondary Account Enrollment:
    • Enroll the secondary account and change its Player Status to Active (refer to the Late Enrollment guide).
  2. Manual Matching:
    • Navigate to the Matches tab > Match Actions > Manually Match players/teams.
    • Note the current pairing of the old account, including match results if applicable.
  3. Re-Pairing Process:
    • For each pairing the player had, re-pair them, starting from the first round.
    • Repeat this process for all rounds that have already progressed in the tournament.
  4. Results Entry:
    • Input the results of the re-paired matches.
  5. Drop Old Account:
    • Once all re-pairings and results are entered, drop the old account from the tournament.
    • Perform additional administrative tasks as needed (e.g., delete decklists, adjust financial calculations).