Player Portal

The Player Portal is a simplified version of the Player Controller best used for newer players. Players registered in tournaments will automatically find it by going to the URL

Certain functionalities, such as decklist submission, are located within the more comprehensive Player Controller. The Player Portal serves as a minimalistic interface, especially suitable for mobile devices. Here’s an overview of its key features:

1. Tournament Information

  • Displays the tournament name.
  • Provides information on the player’s current pairing (if available).

2. Result Submission

  • A short form for submitting match results is available.
  • Allows players to quickly input match outcomes.

3. Drop from Tournament

  • A red button to drop from the tournament is provided.
  • Offers a convenient way for players to withdraw from the competition.

4. Link to Player Controller

  • Includes a link to the Player Controller for more detailed tournament interactions.

5. Help Text:

  • Provides additional assistance or information to guide players.