Managing Multiple Hobby Store Locations

Much like the User/Organization relationship, Melee is designed to give owners of multiple hobby store locations options when deciding how they wish to manage their businesses. If you are the owner of multiple locations and struggling to figure out how to best use Melee in relation to them, we’re here to help with our suggested best practices. 

As mentioned, Melee provides enough tools for you to manage multiple locations under a single Organization. The best way to utilize the system in this way is by creating a Venue/Location for each store’s location. These “addresses” will help you manage programs such as the “Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Program” or the “U.S. Regional Championship Qualified” program. Additionally, those unique addresses can be attached to tournaments, allowing your players to know which location they will be located at. 

While this is a suitable path for managing your stores, we strongly suggest the more granular approach of creating an Organization for each one of your locations. This path sacrifices convenience in the short-term when setting up your accounts and applying for programs in efforts to sidestep any long term hurdles, complexities, or prohibiting circumstances down the line.

This option will also be more suitable for your individual communities engaging in your tournaments hosted on Melee as they will more easily be able to see the tournaments you’re hosting at the locations they frequent. Additionally, any venue-specific emails whether they are from Publishers or Players will go to the appropriate location’s email address.