Why Are Melee Accounts Required?

At Melee, we pride ourselves on delivering a consistent, secure, and high-quality experience for our users. There are several reasons behind our decision to not implement “guest players” and require an account.

  1. Accountability & Security: Requiring accounts ensures authentication and traceability, minimizing risks associated with anonymous interactions.
  2. User Experience Consistency: Every user receives the same high standard of experience, including notifications, communications, and feature availability.
  3. Support & Troubleshooting: Having registered accounts allows our support team to effectively address concerns, trace issues, and provide timely solutions, avoiding complications from guest accounts.
  4. Feature Development: Our focus is on enhancing features for registered users, avoiding resource diversion to develop and maintain a guest system and prioritizing valuable enhancements for our core user base.
  5. Community Building: A registered community fosters relationships, reputation-building, and a sense of belonging, which guest players wouldn’t experience to the same extent.

We believe that our current approach best serves the long-term interests of our users and our platform’s overarching goals.

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