Entering Penalties

Melee supports the tracking of competitive infractions and associated penalties for some game systems. Here’s how to enter penalties:

From Matches Tab

  • Click the green cog icon on the left of the match table.
  • Navigate to the Penalties section.
  • Click Enter Penalty.

From Player Card

  • Click Enter Penalty or navigate to the Penalties drop-down section.

Penalties Section

  • Lists the penalties a player has received in the tournament.

Penalty Dialog

  • Player Name: Auto-populated based on the selected player/match.
  • Infraction: Select from a list of potential tournament infractions for the game type.
  • Penalty (optional): Choose the appropriate type of penalty for the selected infraction. Check with officials if unsure.
  • Description: Provide a short text description of the infraction and associated penalty for tracking purposes.
  • Pairing: If opened through the Player Card, select the pairing/round and opponent.

This feature is useful for tournament officials and administrators to keep track of player infractions and penalties throughout the tournament. It helps maintain a fair and competitive environment.