Getting Started as a Lorcana HSP Retailer

Congratulations on becoming a part of the Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Program! If you are not yet an approved retailer for the Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Program, you can apply here

This article details everything you will need to know to help familiarize yourself with the Melee platform.

What is Melee?

Melee is a robust tournament operations platform that has partnered with Ravensburger to provide the growing Disney Lorcana community with a place to host and participate in Lorcana tournaments. The Melee platform already supports some of the largest and most prestigious TCG tournaments in the industry and is now is focused on providing local game stores and their customers with easy-to-use tools and features to ensure everyone has the best experiences possible.

Be sure to check out our What’s New page to stay current with all of our new and exciting improvements!

What Will I Use Melee For?

Melee will be your location to apply for future tournaments such as the Into the Inklands Championships as well as where you will host your Disney Lorcana tournaments. You won’t need to report any tournament results or metrics to Ravensburger as tournament result data is automatically delivered to them.

Quick Start Guide to Using Melee

You will use Melee to create and run tournaments. Here are three guides to get you started:

Once you have published a tournament, all of your tournaments will automatically be displayed on your Organization’s personal hub. To find it, go to your Organization’s Dashboard then in the upper left hand corner click on “Your Tournament Hub”. This page will always be up and always have your published tournaments, making it a great place to send your players so they always know what your next events are going to be. You can even download the QR code you see on the page to display in your store making it easy for players to find your tournaments to register in!

Registering and Onboarding New Players

New software can always be a pain point for new players, and we have plans to improve tournament search in the near future. In the meantime, we suggest you do the following to help get players exactly where they need to be as quickly as possible.

  1. Manually enroll a new player. You will need their email address and name.
  2. Once enrolled, have them check their email to finish setting up their account.
  3. Have them go to If a user is registered in a current or future tournament, they will automatically get sent to their Player Portal where they can see pairings and submit results.

You can read the following articles to better understand why Melee requires user accounts and assisting parents with players under the age of 13.

Do I need to take Entry Fees through Melee?

The short answer is no. In partnership with Ravensburger, as an approved Disney Lorcana Hobby Store you have the choice not to use Melee’s entry fee system for your Lorcana tournaments hosted at your approved location. However, just keep in mind that if you do decide to utilize Melee’s registration system for collecting entry fees, our normal policies will be in place which you can read more about here.

This support applies to tournaments hosted at your approved Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Program location. Any tournaments you host outside of your approved location will be subject to Melee’s existing entry fee and payment policies and Terms of Service.

For a deeper dive on Melee’s tools and features, please review the rest of our documentation here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team here or on Discord